November 14, 2018

Things to ask new starters #3

Door 3

At that lunch, in the safe place, and assuming you’ve already established an authentic level of trust:

3. What makes you think, “why do they do this?”

If someone who’s been kicking around for a few weeks is still wondering why you’re doing something, it’s likely down to one of two reasons:

– It hasn’t been explained well, or not at all. Which points out where and how you can improve the induction process and speed along the next fresh face who comes through the door. And if it can’t be explained, maybe it’s because …

– It makes no sense. Hearing someone question the Why of a thing, you have to at least consider the possibility that it’s only done because it’s always been done – which might just be the most fertile ground to sew some new thinking and new doing.

Skippy strategy: Sew some seeds on the missing Why’s.