November 15, 2018

Things to ask new starters #4

Door 4

At that lunch, in the safe place, and assuming you’ve already established an authentic level of trust:

4. What can we do different?

It’s likely that you’ve been at your place for a while. Maybe since the beginning, certainly longer than the person sat across from you. You’ve already implemented your best ideas and are working your way down the list of everything else you can think of to make it the happiest, performingest ship you can.

A new set of eyes = a new source of ideas.

For sure, you’ll learn a little about how their mind works, where they see opportunities and something about their critical thinking skills and creativity. Which is nice.

You might also be shown an actual new opportunity worthy of pursuit. Which is nice, and actionable, and may even be the next jibe for your happy-performing starship.

Skippy strategy: A new source of ideas.