November 16, 2018

Things to ask new starters #5

Door 5

At that lunch, in the safe place, and assuming you’ve already established an authentic level of trust:

5. What can I tell you about the organisation?

Knowing everything that you do about the organisation, it probably makes some kind of sense. You know why every piece exists and its contribution to the whole. You know the strategy that’s being followed, how it came into being and what options were considered along the way, and you know how you’re doing at execution. You know where the interesting side projects are. You see the strengths and weaknesses, you know the opportunities and you have at least some perspective on what’s coming down the track that could throw things off course. 

What’s clear to you is a blur to new starters.

Find out what hasn’t been explained, or explained enough, and work out how to do it better.

Skippy strategy: Bring things into focus.