March 21, 2024

Train yourself


You’re in charge.

There’s a reason for that. You’re smart and someone with enough authority (maybe you) recognised your talents and gave you the job. Now, with your experience and position, you’re used to making the decisions, to coming up with the plan, to moving the levers. You’re used to having all the eyes turn to you when the going gets sticky – and you’re used to pulling it off.

You’ve become self reliant.

And that’s today’s problem.

When the valley is deeper and the wall is taller than you know how to scale, you’ll need friends who know how to help and you’ll need to know how to ask.

So practice, “We’re here because of problem X, what do you think or know about how to solve it?”

Get over your leader-as-hero issues, puzzle solving is a team sport.

Skippy strategy: Train yourself to solve problems as a team.