July 19, 2017



Some behaviours are so unacceptable that when you see them you can’t help but deal with them. You step in, sort out what you find and apply some “corrective feedback” after the event. Done and done.

That’s the thing about unacceptable behaviour … it’s unacceptable and you deal with it.

– When a member of your team steps way outside the bounds of their authority and makes undeliverable promises, it’s unacceptable.

– When they belittle their colleagues or use non-communication as a weapon, it’s unacceptable.

– When they treat suppliers with contempt, it’s unacceptable.

And when it happens, it’s time for the management question … what do you do about it?

Sweep it under the Axminster? Find excuses to let it slide? Ignore it as hearsay because you didn’t witness it yourself?

No. You label it as unacceptable and deal with it.

Skippy strategy: When it looks, feels and smells unacceptable … it is.