June 24, 2016

What I see


The problem with annual appraisals is the annual part and the appraisal part.

Annual doesn’t cut it.

The people who work in your team, they’re people. They have hopes and desires, are worried about stuff, have to deal with the ups and downers of organisational life and all that’s happening in their world. It doesn’t work on the same spin speed as the Earth around the Sun. To make a difference – much more frequent one-to-ones.

It’s not about form filling.

You can’t outsource management to a form. It’s not about check-boxes and skills listing that only serve to avoid the real conversation: What do you think of me? How am I doing? What should we do, and how can we be different? What’s next?

The conversation that’s needed? This is what I see …

Skippy strategy: Put the form down and look them in the eye.