October 11, 2015

Dealing with mountains


We stand here. Together.

Looking up at the mountain range.

Each with our reasons, we set out believing in a golden pasture on the other side of the range.

Some of us are excited about the challenge, confident in our abilities and those of our colleagues.

Some of us are overwhelmed by the task ahead.

Doubt does its work.

Will we find a path? Do we have the skills and the training and the teamwork and the resources? Will we stay together? Will we make fools of ourselves? What and who did we forget? Who will crack under pressure? What about the weather? How did we get here anyway? Maybe we took a wrong turning. Maybe we should wait.

Standing before the mountains – you can choose to look back, to second guess, to run scared.

Or you can choose to look forward and up.

We stand here. Together. We will find a way.

Skippy Strategy: Mountains can seem overwhelming and doubt is natural. Crossing them is always an act of will.