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Face time

December 22, 2015

Tables If you spend most of your time sitting on our own with a screen for company it’s easy to get used to working things out on your own. And self-sufficiency is... READ MORE

Improve what’s expected

December 19, 2015

Eights There’s a theory about management that says it’s about making sure the thing gets done right. Wrapped up in such a simple phrase is something about measurement, about knowing what needs... READ MORE

Other people are complicated

December 17, 2015

Similar, and different No one is quite as easy to fathom as you. If they were just a bit more like you, everything would be so much easier. They worry about the strangest... READ MORE

Learning together

December 8, 2015

Team Building a team isn’t as easy as putting a bunch of people on the field of play. That way, England’s footballing failures and every company that runs in silos. Without teamwork, it’s... READ MORE

Coming together

December 7, 2015

Awayday Day-to-day madness. The never-ending need to keep doing what you’re doing just to stay where you are. A to-do list that’s more like recycling. Everyone’s head is down, going about their... READ MORE