March 18, 2015

A sea view?

Sea view

Hotels do a pretty good job. Clean linen and a shower, food at reasonable times, quiet and a comfortable bed.

And then … standard or deluxe, evening meal or breakfast or both or none, a sea view? Booking a hotel, I get to choose exactly where I stay and what I pay.  My choice all the way.

Assuming one size fits all is easy for you and for me – I want it or I don’t – and makes a lot of sense if you’re focused on efficiency and cost.

What if I wanted more? What if I value something more than price? A sea view?

Adding options puts your customer in control of value. They sell themselves a larger cup, a sea view, a three month training programme, increased impact.

When a customer asks for help, be prepared to give them choices and let them judge their value.

Skippy Strategy: What’s your equivalent of a sea view? The next time you make a proposal, give some added value options.  Offer something inside the budget, offer more to increase the impact.

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