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Meet me at the finish line

November 6, 2015

Celebrate For some of us, the finish line is a fantasy. It’s a smudge we glance at as we move on to the next thing. If we ever stop and look down all... READ MORE

That little gap

November 3, 2015

Gaps There’s a gap between just enough and the right amount. It’s in the small things. The not quite insignificant details. The place where something extra curls the corners of their lips. It’s the... READ MORE

How many moves ahead?

October 31, 2015

Steps It can be a bit like a conveyor belt. Start here and it’s inevitable you’ll end up there. On the journey, planning next steps keeps you at least one move ahead... READ MORE

Breaking the bubble

October 28, 2015

Gates It’s a little insular inside the walls of your own organisation. Cosy, warm, familiar (if not downright friendly). Everyone of like(ish) mind, working together (even without cohesion), looking at the world... READ MORE

A can’t go wrong thing

October 27, 2015

Batman There’s always a heap of effort to set things up. Pulling the pieces into one place and getting them working together. It’s the stuff of startups and new product teams and... READ MORE